Bamboo Lampshade Neon

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Indoor or Outdoor : Indoor
Brand : Urbano
Item Weight : 300 Grams
Net Quantity : 1  Electrical holder and wire included.

SIZE: 12 X 14 inches, Diameter: Inner diameter 12 and Height: 14 inches

Material: Bamboo, Bamboo lampshade neon

  • Safe to touch, eco-friendly, made by northeastern bamboo artisans
  • This superior quality hanging Lampshade makes your room more attractive by its shade
  • Bamboo Lampshade Neon is a totally Handcrafted product, Give an antique look to your favorite place.
  • The natural texture and color of the bamboo lampshade neon create a warm and inviting ambiance, making them perfect for creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in any room.
  • Bamboo Lampshade Neon is also easy to clean and maintain, and they are resistant to wear and tear. They can be used with a variety of bulbs and fixtures, making them a versatile and practical lighting solution for any home or office.

Our Bamboo Lampshade Neon is a result of refinement of a tradition that has been passed on to the hands of our skilled artisans from their ancestors. Neon is based on the traditional star waving design which is considered to be a gifted art. Bamboo Pendant Hanging Light affirms its elegance by its flawless craftsmanship. Two meter double insulated twin coded wire and a holder will be provided with the Bamboo Lampshade Neon. Bulbs will not be provided. The Bamboo used in the manufacture of the lamp is treated. Please note this item is handcrafted by Urbano skilled artisans.

Bamboo lampshades are a popular choice for home decor because they are eco-friendly, sustainable, and beautiful. The weaving process can take many hours, depending on the complexity of the design. Once the weaving is complete, the bamboo lampshade is often treated with a natural finish, such as wax or oil, to protect the bamboo and enhance its natural beauty.

One of the benefits of bamboo lampshades is that they are lightweight and durable. They can be used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room of the house, whether as a table lamp or a pendant lamp. Coming from a classic idea with a modern twist, this gorgeous Bamboo pendant light with sophisticated details made by highly-skilled Indian artisans will bring everything in your home together.

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20 reviews for Bamboo Lampshade Neon

  1. Vivek Tarneja

    Excellent quality of products and service.

  2. Nikita Burman

    Absolutely lovely products!!! I haven’t been more satisfied with ordering something just off the internet. Really good quality. Awaiting couple of more products!

  3. Pranjal Bora

    Order bamboo lampshade neon from Urbano. I was looking for a long time to find their website on google and receive it within 4 days. I am so happy with Urbano. Big thank you team Urbano.

  4. Rajarshi samanta

    Ordered a bamboo lamp. totally satisfied with the quality even though the delivery took more time than expected. the wait was worth it. also, the price of the lamp was really reasonable

  5. Salil Gupta

    The quality of the product is better than what I expected…thumbs up👍

  6. Linda Joseph

    Customer service was good and the product delivered was as expected.

  7. Arsha Suguna

    Excellent quality of products and service.

  8. Vandhana Paramasivam

    I ordered their cane lamp since they have used natural materials. The quality and size of the lamp are really good. Well done for introducing such eco-friendly products! It’s really worth spending money on sustainable and eco-friendly products. I would strongly recommend Urbano for their variety of products at an affordable price

  9. Mallika Bordoloi (verified owner)

    I was looking for this particular lamp since a very long time n one day finally came cross urbano…thrust me this is exactly what I was searching for…beautiful lamp shade made of bamboo lattice.The woven material gives a warm , welcoming glow and casts decorative light patterns in the room.Highly recommend Urbano for the good work & affordable price.

  10. Rituparna Sarkar

    We ordered two of these cane lampshades from Urbano. They arrived before the day they promised. The quality is great, these are sturdy and came with their own wire, holder, and plug-in place. We love these on our patio!

  11. Yatika Paharia

    I bought a beautiful bamboo lamp shade, beyond expectations – accompanied by great customer service

  12. Richa

    The lamp is exactly as shown in picture. The quality, the look is really nice and sturdy. The best part is the price they are offering for such a lovely product.

  13. Elvis Lee

    Excellent product , very detailed finishing and good delivery service .

  14. Sukomal Juneja

    Excellent quality of products and service.

  15. Deepika Vamanan

    Bought this lampshade from them. Very beautiful and good quality. Affordable too

  16. Saptami Ram

    The lamp is exactly as shown in the picture—excellent quality of products and service.

  17. Janusa Sangma

    Stunning products! I bought the lamps and they’re easily the happiest I’ve ever been with an online purchase. Thank you for sending them over in perfect condition too. Highly recommended

  18. Tanya Ganguly

    Loved the lamp we received! Also, love their service. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  19. Pankaj Ramnani

    Bought a bamboo lampshade a few days ago, and it is of great quality at a reasonable price point. Love the work you guys are doing, please keep supporting the artisans!

  20. Patnaik (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful product. The quality is too good as well.

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