Bamboo ninjacut tabletop planter


Urbano pure handmade bamboo planter is designed keeping in mind your urban living spaces.

* Made out of mature thick bamboo procured from Northeast India.

* It is suitable for indoor and outdoor shaded spaces like a patio, balcony or covered terraces.

* Glossy varnish applied from outside and waterproof paint applied from inside to increase shelf life of the product.
* Urbano is committed to promote sustainable living and ensures that your purchase leaves the least carbon footprint behind.

This planter is handmade by our expert craftsmen using thick and matured bamboo from the Northeast of India. This uniquely design tabletop planter is a perfect centerpiece for your home decor. It has a stylish eye-catching design with two small bamboo rods at the bottom for support. It is appropriate for indoor and outdoor spaces such as the living room, patio, balcony or cover terraces.
Its natural brown colour gives a touch of nature to your interiors. we apply a glossy varnish from the outside to give a shiny look to the planter. WE paint it inside with waterproof paint to increase its shelf life. Urbano strives to promote a sustainable environment. Hence, we provide you with eco-friendly products to help you take a step towards going green. Purchase this bamboo Ninjacut tabletop planter at an affordable price and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Weight 1300 g
Dimensions 11 × 15 × 48 cm


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