Urbano Garden Sprayer, Lawn Sprinkler, Water Mister, Spray Bottle (1 L Capacity )


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Indoor or Outdoor : Indoor and Outdoor
Brand : Urbano
Net Quantity : 1
Country of origin: India

Introducing the Garden Water Spray Bottle, a versatile and indispensable tool for all your gardening needs. This high-quality sprayer combines multiple functions in one convenient device, making it a must-have for every gardener. With its durable construction and efficient design. The Urbano Garden Sprayer is a durable and reliable tool that can withstand regular use and deliver consistent performance.

The Urbano Garden Water Spray Bottle is perfect for watering your plants. Whether it’s a small potted plant or a large garden bed. The adjustable nozzle allows you to control the water flow, ensuring precise and efficient watering. The Urbano Garden Sprayer doubles as a lawn sprinkler, effortlessly distributing water evenly across your entire lawn.

Not only that, but this sprayer also functions as a water mister, providing a fine mist. That is ideal for misting delicate flowers or creating a refreshing spray on hot summer days. It’s perfect for creating a cool and comfortable environment in your garden or greenhouse.

Experience the convenience and versatility of the Urbano Garden Sprayer, and make your gardening tasks more efficient and enjoyable. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, this multi-functional sprayer is a valuable addition to your gardening arsenal. Trust Urbano Home to provide you with top-quality gardening tools that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

  • 1 Ltr bottle
  • Use for indoor and outdoor plants.
  • A Quality Product.

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