Phalaenopsis White Orchids Plant


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Brand : Urbano
Item Weight : 450 Grams
Net Quantity : 1, Add Ons : Pots
Country of origin: India

Phalaenopsis white orchids plant, also known as Moth Orchids, are exquisite flowering plants that captivate with their timeless beauty and graceful elegance. With their pristine white petals and delicate structure, these orchids are a symbol of purity and sophistication.

These stunning plants showcase cascading sprays of blooms that can last for several weeks, brightening any space with their ethereal presence. The pure white petals of Phalaenopsis orchids create a striking contrast against the backdrop of glossy green leaves, making them a true centerpiece in any floral arrangement or indoor garden.

Phalaenopsis white orchids plant care


These plants like strong, natural sunlight. They will grow in lower-light conditions, but it is unlikely the plant will bloom well.


Orchids don’t grow in soil, but rather in a special mixture that mimics their environment in the wild. Purchase a commercial orchid potting medium, which contains peat moss, perlite or fir bark, or make your own that has these ingredients in it.


During the growing season, phalaenopsis like high humidity and lots of water. As with all orchids, the frequency of watering depends on your growing conditions, but at least weekly is a good idea during the summer.


Feed heavily during the growing season with a weak fertilizer solution containing lots of nitrogen.


After the bloom is done, you can cut off the spike above the leafy part of the stem. However, you should not remove any old leafless canes.

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