Syngonium green plant

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Plant Size – Approx. 8-9 inches.

Pot Size – 4 inches (Thermoform or plastic pot).

Plant care

Light – Medium light is best and so a little way away from a South facing window or close to a North facing window would be ideal.

Soil – A well-draining soil which is made for houseplants is recommended for the syngonium. Avoid soils which are general purpose or made for growing vegetables. Since the Syngonium Podophyllum is a climbing plant, as your plant grows, you may well consider adding a moss pole and using little ties to aid your plant in climbing up the pole.

Water – Syngoniums require watering on a fairly regularly basis, typically every few days in the summer months. I allow mine to almost dry out between waterings so as to ensure that the plant does not end up suffering from root rot.

Commonly known, as Goosefoot, nephthytis or Syngonium podophyllum is a Feng Shui plant. This plant has a distinctive leaf, which changes from arrow shaped to a five lobed form as it matures. The five lobed shape represents the five elements; water, fire, earth, wood and metal thus provides the perfect balance of Yin Yang as the new leaves are shiny and the older ones are matt.

The five lobed shape of Syngonium podophyllum/ Goosefoot leaves represents the five Feng Shui elements; water, fire, earth, wood and metal. Thus it perfectly balances Yin and yang energy and encourages positive chi or energy. It also cleanses the air. The goosefoot, or Syngonium podophyllum, has the inspiring; ‘upward’ wood energy, which is associated with the east or southeast. Place it on a desk or workstation to let its spirit of spring; dawn, youth and new ideas aid inspiration.

For indoors, place the syngonium or goosefoot plant in front of a sharp corner or angle that maybe cutting Chi. This will help reduce stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and arguments. Chi always flows along a smooth wall or surface until it meets a sharp angle where it creates turbulent energy at the point. Placing a Feng Shui plant in front of the angle will soften it.

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