Aglaonema Solid Red Anyamanee Plant

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Indoor or Outdoor : Indoor and Outdoor
Brand : Urbano
Item Weight : 450 Grams
Net Quantity : 1, Add Ons : Pot Size : 4 Inch, Plant Size : 10-12 Inch.
Country of origin: India

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Aglaonema Solid Red Anyamanee is a beautiful and striking cultivar of the Aglaonema plant, known for its vibrant red foliage. Aglaonema, commonly known as Chinese Evergreen, is a popular indoor plant that is valued for its ornamental leaves and ability to thrive in low-light conditions.
  • In Summer Keep the soil mix a bit moist and check that water drains properly.
  • In winter reduce watering and wait for the soil to be dry before watering again.
  • As a tropical plant that grows in the humid bright shade of tropical forests, this plant prefers similar conditions when grown as a houseplant.
  • It dislikes full sunlight, preferring bright, indirect sun, such as that offered by north-facing windows. It will also thrive under fluorescent lights.
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2 reviews for Aglaonema Solid Red Anyamanee Plant

  1. Oyam Tayeng

    Aglonena solid red perfect

  2. Dr Monika

    Bought cane planters
    Very good quality

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