Caladium florida bicolor plant

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Country of origin: India

Plant Care


The caladium prefers indirect light or moderate shade indoors. The narrower the leaves, the greater the sun it can withstand. Growing them outdoors in containers gives you more control over light conditions. In some climates, container plants can be grown in full sun, with careful monitoring.


Plant caladium in a rich, well-drained potting mix.


When leaves appear on the plant, water as needed to keep the soil evenly moist. Never let the plant dry out. Stop watering the plant when the leaves start to die back. Resume watering when the leave reappear next season.

Caladium florida bicolor plant are tropical perennials that have almost unparalleled foliage and make showy houseplants. They have large, arrow-shaped, and paper-thin leaves that come in a striking array of colors and patterns. A mass of caladium is an explosion of whites, greens, reds, and pinks that are mottled, veined, and striped. They can easily give you the visual impact of flowers while only being foliage plants. However, these plants have a few drawbacks. They are tuberous plants that grow foliage only from spring to autumn. They also require very high humidity, and they have absolutely no cold tolerance. Nevertheless, as far as unusual indoor plants go, these are sure to raise a few admiring eyebrows.

Caladium florida bicolor plant prefers acidic soil which has high moisture and is well-draining. Spreading a layer of mulch over the soil will help in retaining moisture for a longer time. Fertilize the plant once a month with a soluble liquid fertilizer during its growing season in the spring and summer. Dilute it well before feeding it to the plant as excessive fertilization can affect the colors of the leaves. Keep the plant at a temperature of at least 18โ„ƒ as it doesn’t enjoy cold temperatures. Once the leaves begin to die, you can wait for them to dry completely before cutting them off.

You can then let the tubers sit in the dry soil in the pot or can store the tubers in a dry and dark space and replant them during spring. Then, you can begin watering the tubers again and move the pot in mild light, ensuring that the new shoots are protected from bright sunlight.

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