Calathea potting soil- 500 Gms


  • Each packet contains 500 grams of soil.
  • Best-suited for Calathea plants.
  • Needs low maintenance.
  • Great for growing plants.
  • Highly rich in nutrients and micro-nutrients.
  • Tested and validated before listed.

Calathea potting soil is Urbano’s trending product. It is a scientific and highly researched soil made by our people. They are making it available for all plants and horticulture lovers. It is highly beneficial in growing the plants of the Calathea variety.

As we know that, Calathea is high valuable indoor plants that indeed requires a lot of care and nurture. Therefore, we bring out this new product. It will help you to make the plants grow easily. Now, you will find beautiful and dense with thick stem Calathea plants in your home.

One can select the variety of Calathea plants available with us. The list includes Calathea Orbifolia plantCalathea RoseopictaCalathea ZebrinaCalathea Triostar-MarantaCalathea Ornata PinstripeCalathea LancifoliaCalathea Makoyana, Calathea Veitchiana, and Calethea Setosa Plant.

We believe in delivering healthy plants to our customers. So, we expect the same from our customers. Likewise, we are presenting Calathea potting soil at an affordable price. It is so that it can reach a large number of Urbano family.

We, at Urbano, take it as an utmost concern of our customers. It is our responsibility to take care of their needs. Due to this, we keep on working day and night making it an achievable target to become the best marketplace for indoor plants and planters with different varieties.

Our team is creating awareness through the “Plants make people happy” club. We are also looking forward to taking major initiatives like these further.


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