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Indoor or Outdoor : Indoor and Outdoor
Brand : Urbano
Item Weight : 450 Grams
Net Quantity : 1, Add Ons : Pots
Country of origin: India

Ficus Lyrata is also known as a fiddle leaf fig plant. It is a popular houseplant among the Ficus houseplants. It is an ideal plant for houses, offices, or hotels to make them look more lively.

Plant care

Light – Fiddle Leaf Figs will generally do fine if placed right in front of a window in NYC. However, they can’t take extended periods of full sun (being placed outside on a sunny day). In extremely bright apartments (i.e. floor to ceiling windows) they may get sunburned, and in this instance your safest bet is putting them in front of the window with a sheer curtain. Do not block the light with a partial shade like a solar shade as they will block out the full spectrum of the sun’s radiation.

Water – Once you’ve established that the top few inches of soil have dried, the easiest way to tell if your Fiddle Leaf needs water is to look at the leaves. If the leaves are not rigid and upright, and they start to look floppy, they’re telling you they need water. Be sure to check in regularly with your tree to ensure you don’t underwater until you establish a routine.

Soil – This plant requires well-drained soil, like cactus/palm potting mix. Also, add some sand to make the potting mix loose which will help in good drainage.

It is a popular houseplant among the Ficus houseplants. It is an ideal plant for houses, offices, or hotels to make them look more lively. You can keep them in the corner of the living room, in the front or back yard, corridors, balcony, or even a roofed terrace. It requires natural indirect light. Keeping it in direct sunlight or in very dim light may weaken its growth.
Watering it 2-3 times per week is sufficient. Over-watering will lead to the soil becoming soggy. Use a mild green plant liquid solution to fertilize the plant. Fertilizing once every 2 weeks will help the plant grow healthily.
The plant needs to re-potted once every year as its roots require adequate space while growing. Sometimes the plant might start showing brown spots on the leaves or shall shed leaves. This is a natural process when the plant begins to mature. However, if this browning or dropping leaves happens extensively, it might be due to an inappropriate supply of air or humidity.
Look out for pests or insects every once a while. In the case of pests or insects, use a fertilizer with the lowest amount of chemicals since the plant is sensitive towards chemicals. Dust the plant with a slightly wet cloth when necessary. Dusting the plant once in a while will make it look cleaner and more attractive.

2 reviews for Indoor fiddle leaf fig plant

  1. Anwesha (verified owner)

    I have been looking for fiddle leaf fig since long. I came across Urbano on Instagram and loved their page. I must say they offer what they promise. The plant had a very safe packaging when I received it. I am writing this review after a month of observing the plant and I am nothing but overwhelmed by its quality and price. Also, it’s growing so well. I got a few new leaves and I can’t be happier😊

  2. Teena Ghosh

    I was so excited because this is my first online Plant shopping as I always prefer offline shopping but when i saw about your site I thought let me try once and im very happy thank you so much for good quality plants

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