Kulekhara Branolia plant

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Kulekhara is an Ayurvedic flowering medicinal plant. It is used for patients suffering from Anaemia, Bleeding ulcers, and other conditions.

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Plant Care

Light – Full or partial sunlight.

Water – Water sparingly when the soil becomes dry.

Plant tip – Kulekhara or branolia or talimakhana is a flowering plant with medicinal values.

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Kulekhara or branolia or talimakhana is a flowering plant with medicinal values. This plant is believed to be a native of India and is grown generally in swamp areas under tropical or subtropical climates. The flowers of this plant are generally purple in color and are commonly used for medicinal purposes. Kulekhara has Kulerron in its primary component and is one of the most effective iron deficiency cure antidotes.

Traditional Uses of Kulekhara

The leaves of the Kulekhara plant are often used as a part of daily cuisine especially in eastern India. The leaves are used in salad and also as a regular saag dish with small fish and mustard. Oil extracted from the entire plant has a huge amount of antibacterial properties which is helpful in various kinds of illness. The leaf extract from Kulekhara is also used to cure diarrhea, inflammation, pain abdominal disorders, and anemia. The seeds of this plant also have medicinal values and have been used in the treatment of several blood disorders and urinary problems.

3 reviews for Kulekhara Branolia plant

  1. Rama B

    I ordered 3 Kulekhara plants for my husband. So have I received so healthy plants. Thank you urbano.

  2. Joyshree Arora (verified owner)

    Very happy 4 healthy kulekhara plant delivered.

  3. Aruna Gupta (verified owner)

    Very happy with plant health and size. Thank you.

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