Marble Prince Money Plant


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Indoor or Outdoor : Indoor and Outdoor
Brand : Urbano
Item Weight : 450 Grams
Net Quantity : 1, Add Ons : Pot Size : 4 Inch, Plant Size : 10-12 Inch
Country of origin: India

Marble Prince Money Plant is a low maintenance houseplant which acts as an air purifier. NASA ranks this plant among the top houseplants which have proven to be great for removing indoor air pollutants. Some people also consider it as a good luck plant.

Marble Prince Money Plant is a beautiful leaves in the shades of green and white color. Furthermore, it is suitable to be placed on the floor in a pot and for hanging as well. It has a rapid growth and requires shady places to grow efficiently since it prefers natural indirect light. In addition, fertile and rich soil is essential for its development. Water it sufficiently enough when the top layer of the soil begins to feel dry. Avoid over watering the plant.

Ensure that its pot has a proper drainage facility in case of over watering. Water it generously during the summer season and reduce its watering frequency during monsoon and winter seasons. Use an organic fertilizer to feed the plant once in a month during its growth period. In case of an insect attack, spray the plant with citrus oil, Neem oil or Eucalyptus oil primarily. Purchase this simple and beneficial indoor houseplant at a reasonable price to decorate your house.

Plant Care – Money plants aren’t heavy feeders, feed the plants with organic manure once in 6 month also mist the plant every week once.
Light – This plant does best in indirect sunlight or partial shade conditions year-round.
Water – Twice a week when the soil feels dry to touch.
Plant tip – It is an indoor air-purifying show plant.

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