Round Cane Planter

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Indoor or Outdoor : Indoor and Outdoor
Brand : Urbano
Item Weight : 8 inches 500 Grams, 10 inches 750 Grams, 12 inches 1000 Grams
Net Quantity : 1
Country of origin: India


Urbano Pure handmade round cane planters ideally suit your home and balcony. We make them using glossy varnish from the outside and inside. We treat them carefully because we want to increase the shelf life of the product. The natural beige color of the round cane planter complements a variety of interior color combinations.

Embrace the unbreakable beauty and express your love for your dear ones with a collection of round cane planters. These exquisite planters not only uplift your spirits but also bring a sense of positivity into your home. By choosing these organic planters, you can take pride in your commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Explore the incredible variety of these enchanting planters available at Urbano, where our skilled artisans craft each design to absolute perfection. Let their allure capture your heart and make it impossible for any plant enthusiast to resist adding them to their collection. Embrace the joy of going green and indulge in these environmentally-friendly round cane products, knowing that you are making a positive impact without leaving behind any carbon footprints.

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Experience the perfect blend of urban style and natural craftsmanship with the Urbano Pure Handmade Cane Planter. We’ve carefully crafted this planter to perfectly complement your urban living spaces. It’s made from mature cane sourced from the beautiful region of Northeast India. It is an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor shaded areas such as patios, balconies, or covered terraces.

Size: Small 8 x 8 inches, Medium 10 x 10 inches and Large 12 x 12 inches

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

18 reviews for Round Cane Planter

  1. Rubiya (verified owner)

    Was very impressed with the quality and size of the planter. I purchased the large size, and the planter was sturdy enough to support the large pot that I had. Will definitely purchase again.

  2. Deepa ALEXANDER (verified owner)

    Took a while to reach thanks to the long journey and Covid 19. But we’ll worth the wait. Beautiful and sturdy with a touch of class. Bought the medium sized planters

  3. Reetuparna (verified owner)

    I simply love this planter. It’s that perfect earthy touch to the living space, and the handcrafted piece looks like a collectors edition. This is the best cane planter I’ve ever seen, the price is just and fair. I’ll probably be getting more from Urbano.

  4. Usha Rai

    Like very much.

  5. Girish Singh (verified owner)

    Beautiful product and it’s something made from natural substance which is great

  6. Smriti Suresh (verified owner)

    I have been wanting to get a few sustainable products for my home. Came across Urbano but was hesitant looking at the negative reviews. But I’m glad I went ahead and purchased it. Worth the wait and money.

  7. Bidhipta Acharya

    Very very beautiful plan. Very much satisfied
    Loved it.👍

  8. Aanshik Seth (verified owner)

    I’m so impressed by how delicate yet sturdy this planter is. Very rustic and blends in nicely with the decor. Great for indoor settings. The team at Urbano has been really helpful and forthcoming too. Very happy with the purchase!

  9. papilah (verified owner)

    I bought set of 3 planters , small, medium and large. It is beautiful and quality is superb. Will definitely look for purchase of other items now.

  10. Diana Riba (verified owner)

    Hi, I received my Parcel and was pleasantly surprised with the quality and size. This is my first non disappointing online order in the category of planters and basket. You all really delivered what I wanted👏👏

  11. Sangeetha Duraisamy (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful planter . Worth the prize . Sturdy and perfectly mady . Very impressed with the quality and the size

  12. Nikita Burman

    Absolutely lovely products!!! I haven’t been more satisfied with ordering something just off the internet. Really good quality. Awaiting couple of more products!

  13. Sandhya Katare

    Happened upon Urbano while looking for some eco friendly hand made planters. They reached out immediately after I placed the order and were very responsive to questions. The planters have been a lovely addition to our home decor too!

  14. Varun Gupta

    Excellent fabulous fantastic amazing awesome marvelous gorgeous looking superb mind-blowing internally and externally very attractive stylish strong and solid planters from Urbano. In

  15. Neha

    Beautiful collection.. loved the products

  16. Shubhi Tandon

    I have ordered a cane planter it is just awesome…beyond my expectations. Products are so good with affordable price

  17. Samprity Majumdar (verified owner)

    Really like the product and finish of the item

  18. Surekha Sastry

    We were looking for cane planters and stumbled upon Urbano. We ordered round cane planters and absolutely loved the product. The hand crafted planters has enhanced the home decor and we are very happy with the product

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