Bamboo Single Barrel Planter


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Indoor or Outdoor : Indoor and Outdoor
Brand : Urbano
Net Quantity : 1
Country of origin: India

Crafted with precision and expertise, the Bamboo Single Barrel Planter features a durable, high-quality material that ensures longevity and sturdiness. It is a unique design allows you to effortlessly showcase your favorite place.

With its user-friendly installation process, you can transform any plain wall into a stunning vertical garden in minutes. Simply mount the planter using the provided hardware, and you’ll have an eye-catching display that maximizes space and adds a refreshing ambiance to your surroundings.

The Bamboo Single Barrel Planter is not just a decorative piece; it is  a practical solution for plant lovers. Its integrated drainage system prevents water from accumulating, keeping your plants healthy and thriving. The planter’s ample size provides sufficient room for plants to grow and flourish, accommodating a variety of species.

To use the Bamboo Single Barrel Planter, simply fill it with well-draining soil and plant your desired vegetation. It is monitor the moisture levels and water to promote healthy plant growth.

Urbano pure handmade bamboo planter is designed keeping in mind your urban living spaces.

* Made out of mature thick bamboo procured from Northeast India.

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Weight 1020 g
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 38 cm


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