Wandering Jew Plant

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Indoor or Outdoor : Indoor and Outdoor
Brand : Urbano
Item Weight : 450 Grams
Net Quantity : 1, Add Ons : Pots
Country of origin: India

The Wandering Jew is not a single plant — it’s the name given to a few different plants in the genus Tradescantia. When grown outdoors it’s considered invasive in many regions of the world, but those same growing characteristics make it perfect as an indoor plant.

Plant Care

Light : This is a houseplant that really thrives in bright but indirect sunlight. The brighter the light you provide your wandering jew plant, the more flowers it will produce.

Water : These plants are happy as long as they’re not kept soaked or allowed to be completely dry too long. Keeping the soil evenly moist is the best. Give it a good drink but be sure that the pot drains well.

Soil : You can use a standard houseplant potting mix for your wandering jew, but they’ll do even better if you give them soil that has more organic matter.

Wandering Jew Plant is a unique houseplant which is suitable for placing on the floor as well as for hanging. Its leaves have a peculiar color combination. They are green in the center with broad white borders and with an underside in the shade of purple color. This plant prefers indirect bright light. If it is kept in dim light and doesn’t receive adequate bright light, its beautiful leaf markings are likely to fade away. Water the plant sufficiently enough to keep the soil slightly moist at all times. Ensure that the upper layer of the soil is dry enough before watering again. You can also mist the plant frequently.

However, avoid over watering as it can cause root rot. Furthermore, fertilize your plant with a half-strength liquid fertilizer once a month for its healthy growth. The Wandering Jew Plant is susceptible to spider mites. Thus, in order to avoid infestation, keep the humidity high and mist the plant frequently. You can also wash off the plant to get rid of existing mites and in case of serious infections, use an appropriate insecticide to treat it. Additionally, you can pinch out the plant’s long and wining tendrils to encourage a slightly bushy growth. Re-pot the plant once its roots begin to outgrow the existing pot.

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2 reviews for Wandering Jew Plant

  1. Sujib Paul

    I recently bought this plant: Wandering Jew. The plant was nicely packed and delivered on time. the plant is healthy and doing well. Also, the owner and delivery executives were very responsive and helpful. Thank you, Urbano.

  2. Moushumi Bhattacharya

    I have loved everything about them, polite customer support, high-quality plants, and wonderful packaging, Keep the good work going.

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